The ReluctantBeing

Reluctant to the right way, Ignorant to the only way

One Vehicle in this Saha World, Why humans are losing away?

Voice connects the heart, Mind connects the warrior

A mission from the distant past, open your eyes to the sun and the moon

Time will disappear Joy will keep us here, Reason is on our side

Run like melos run…….


Speed of Sound

The Sound of the waves, in the form of rain

The Sound of the wild, in the form giggle

The Sound of the wind, in the form of wheels

The Sound of the realm, in the form of heart beat

The Sound of the Universe, in the form of Myo

The Sound of Love, in the form of Melos

The Sound of Lion, in the form of a Mentor

The Sound of peace, in the form of thousands

The Sound of Glory, in the form of Victory

A sea of suffering

Why does it feel dejavu?                       Why does it feel I have known these people?                                           Why does it feel the urge to unleash?                                                       Why suffering is such joy?                       Why everyone looks like a treasure?    Why Is the good unknown to everyone?                                                     Why is hatred a part of life?                  Where is the ship of happiness?       Where is it heading ?                              Where am I?                                             Mystic I am at the steering wheel

Come board the ship!!!

Love in the Latter day

There’s something about this love! What is it?                                                 I smile a lot 🙂

It keeps me calm!                                   How?                                                           Because there’s so much compassion.

I am never angry!                                   You gotta be kidding me?                       There’s so much wisdom

It’s so beautiful without worldly things!                                                            You are out of your mind ?                 There’s so much Faith


Love, Valentine’s day, etc……

Sitting down somewhere listening to papon “kyon hota hain pyaar” , I am trying to express my feelings on “Love ” , now that the Valentine’s week has begun and it’s a buzz around the world where it’s a happy environment for the youth and also for the ones who know what love is? I feel sad for the ones who are complaining or rebel against Valentine’s Day . I mean seriously what’s your problem ? Get a life !!

Moreover ,there’s a buzz of breakup among filmstar and sportsman. Seriously that is your topic of discussion this Valentine’s Day and you base your love story on that ? Make your own unique love story friends !

Aaj kal itna divorce ( there’s so many divorce these days ) so many break ups and cheating on each other! I would like to put across my understanding on this. It’s actually no ones fault ! Our parents had a generation of black and white and we were born in the start of the colourful world where the television became coloured , the sports jersey were colourful and our generation started this way ! And now the new youth, when I say the present youth the following things come to my mind ” cars , bikes , I phone ,  shopping from myntra , Thailand trip , Instagram , Facebook , hashtags , etc ” . I feel we the 80’s and 90’s born are the bridge between the black and white generation and the Instagram generation. It’s our responsibility to show the new generation how we respect to the one next to us !

Our job life , money , career , status are null or nothing infront of a human being with whom you share your heart. Your family won’t stay with you forever but their love and blessings will , your materialistic gains will not stay forever. The only thing that will keep you going is the love with that ONE person . My mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says “love should be an inspiration,invigoration and hope ”

Let us be the bridge of this generation be the guiding light to the lovers in the future let true love be still alive.

There are more strides in a true love story because it’s the most beautiful thing on earth and more the beautiful more the negative forces will try to defy you away, it depends on YOU and only YOU, by casting off your ego and arrogance you can sail along side like best friends !

If the love story is true it will be successful no matter what, if it’s not how many years you have spent the outcome will be negative ! Be true to yourself to find true love ! Awey love to sabko milta hain ! Fall in love, make it true, live it forever !

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

1000 Miles

You wonder where is she?
You smile to the natures beauty . .
You miss the one
You smile to the natures time. .
You wake up with empty message
You smile to the rising sun . .
You ride with the wind
You smile to the miles to go . .
Love is a Journey, road is the home
You smile to the 1000 miles . .