Realms in a Single moment 

The past though dark
Going over the melancholy of those times
Now it doesn’t seem that dark 
There was always a ray of light

A ban over a stubborn heart 
Makes everything dark
Life is difficult, Life is demanding 
But Here I am

A moment below the Sun & rain
On my horse reminded me of a reason 
I didn’t know 
It was always there but I was blind 
A Seeking heart always finds an answer 

Shoten Zenjin


The Voices of the Countless stars, echoes in my ears at the rising sun

Where do they come from? Where will they go?

Will I hear them everyday?

Depends upon my heart

These Silent protectors like the Dark Knight

Shines the bright when the night is darkest

Million Years to come, like a sea in the cloud

Watch over us till eternity!

The Song of the Universe

The Song of the universe
Whistles the nature
The birds dances with joy
The leaves spreads its fragnance
The cloud flies with the wind
Like the honeybee at the tail of the galloping horse.

The Sun welcomes the universal song with warmth
While moon watches as a silent protector
The warriors fill their stomach
And sets out to protect the universe
How noble how wondrous !

There are dark and stormy days
There are bright and beautiful days
Amidst this the sun never stops to shine nor does the moon fails to protect the night
So does the warriors of peace never goes gentle into the good night
A new dawn a new morning
With the song of universe let’s march ahead with the galloping horse.

Eternal Teacher

Paddling my childhood in Summer and winter

Sailing my ship across wind and storm

When my ship hit the largest ice berg

I encountered the greatest eternal teacher.


Though Teacher and Student maybe physically apart, their hearts are always connected

And their lives resonates with one another transcending time

Neither space nor time are barriers separating Teacher and student

Thank You Sensei

The ReluctantBeing

Reluctant to the right way, Ignorant to the only way

One Vehicle in this Saha World, Why humans are losing away?

Voice connects the heart, Mind connects the warrior

A mission from the distant past, open your eyes to the sun and the moon

Time will disappear Joy will keep us here, Reason is on our side

Run like melos run…….

Speed of Sound

The Sound of the waves, in the form of rain

The Sound of the wild, in the form giggle

The Sound of the wind, in the form of wheels

The Sound of the realm, in the form of heart beat

The Sound of the Universe, in the form of Myo

The Sound of Love, in the form of Melos

The Sound of Lion, in the form of a Mentor

The Sound of peace, in the form of thousands

The Sound of Glory, in the form of Victory

A sea of suffering

Why does it feel dejavu?                       Why does it feel I have known these people?                                           Why does it feel the urge to unleash?                                                       Why suffering is such joy?                       Why everyone looks like a treasure?    Why Is the good unknown to everyone?                                                     Why is hatred a part of life?                  Where is the ship of happiness?       Where is it heading ?                              Where am I?                                             Mystic I am at the steering wheel

Come board the ship!!!